Still think an Xpander is too big? Meet the Mitsubishi eK X

Mitsubishi's current design language has been rather distinctive lately. Just look at the range and you'll see what we mean. There's the Xpander, Delica D:5, and more recently, the new Strada, all sporting the bold and brash design. So where have they applied this look this time?

A Kei car.

Mitsubishi eK X image

Yes, they have put the familiar 'slim lights on top, big lights at the bottom' look in the smallest car possible. Dubbed the eK X (pronounced eK cross), it's the newest city car to come out of Mitsubishi. The car made its debut a week ago following Nissan and Mitsubishi's announcement of continuing to build Kei cars together. And while it won't be sold here, it's an interesting looking car nonetheless.

The design at the front resembles a mix of Xpander and Delica D:5. Also present is the (so far, trendy) floating roof design with blacked-out pillars as well. At the back, there are high-mounted headlights, along with a flat-looking tailgate. Overall, the look is tall and slab-sided, much like an MPV, albeit a shrunken one

Mitsubishi eK X image

Inside, it has a split bench seat and a 'floating' dashboard to make way for more foot room. The dash itself has a rather unique design, employing a subtle U-shaped look. It also has a different approach to its climate control buttons, while a touchscreen is available as well. With its diminutive size, the eK X only has space for four people.

So far, there are no specs but the eK X conforms to kei car rules. That means it can't be more than 3.4 meters long, 1.48 meters wide, and 2.0 meters tall so it's safe to say that Mitsubishi's city car falls well within those confines. Also, it is likely to have a turbocharged 660cc, three-cylinder engine making 63 PS, which is the limit for kei car regulations.