Xpander HEV coming in the 2nd half of 2023

Mitsubishi is focused on making Fiscal Year 2023 a big one for the ASEAN market.

Aside from the launch of the Strada / Triton pick-up truck that's scheduled for July, the Japanese manufacturer's best-selling 7-seater MPV for the region is also getting its own dose of electrification.

Mitsubishi Motors will launch Xpander hybrid MPV this year image

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the Xpander HEV will debut in the ASEAN region at the second half of this year. While they did not specify which month, the brand's presentation shows the Xpander HEV will follow once the Triton / Strada and the production version of the XFC Concept have been introduced.

As of the moment, there's still very little information about the upcoming Xpander HEV and its hybrid powertrain. Mitsubishi has already ruled it out being a plug-in hybrid, so the Xpander HEV could either run a series-parallel hybrid system similar to what Toyota is using with the Corolla Cross, or get a 48V mild-hybrid assistance for its 1.5-liter engine.

Mitsubishi Motors will launch Xpander hybrid MPV this year image

The Xpander MPV continues to perform well in terms of sales in our local market, and the addition of a hybrid variant could make it more attractive to a wider range of customers. But then again, there's always the matter of pricing.

With the addition of a hybrid system, we should also expect the Xpander HEV to have a higher price tag than the current ones on sale. But it's very possible that the pricing will be good because it should qualify for the 50% discount on excise taxes.