MMDA clarifies service road issue along EDSA-Ayala Southbound

Ever since the EDSA Bus Carousel was put up, commuters were able to switch between riding public utility buses (PUBs) and taking the MRT-3 seamlessly. More importantly, since PUBs now have their own lane, they have freed up additional space for private motorists along EDSA.

But despite PUBs getting their own designated lane, there is still some confusion about whether private motorists can use certain sections of the service road designated for buses. EDSA Ayala Southbound is one example and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) released a statement on Facebook to clear it up.

The post states that ALL private vehicles are allowed to use all lanes on the southbound lane of EDSA from the corner of Ayala Avenue, except the bicycle lane on the rightmost side of the road. The MMDA added that the lanes on the service road are not exclusive for PUBs since the EDSA Carousel-Ayala loading and unloading bay has already been moved to the One Ayala Grand Terminal.

MMDA: Motorists can use all lanes on EDSA-Ayala Southbound image

While the MMDA has clarified the issue regarding the matter, some motorists have also aired out their complaints with regard to the use of the said lanes. One shared that MMDA traffic enforcers usually hang out in the area to catch would-be violators instead of actually guiding traffic. Another one also said that the island and barriers should already be removed since all vehicles can now pass the said lanes. The MMDA has since taken note of the comments shared by motorists.

With the issue surrounding whether private motorists can actually use the lanes along EDSA-Ayala southbound now out of the way, motorists who need to make a right toward Antonio Arnaiz Avenue can enter the service road without any worries. Hopefully, the MMDA informs its traffic enforcers about this in order to avoid any confusion among motorists.