GR Sport for LTD/Legender, Modellista for standard Fortuner

For quite some time, Modellista kits seemed exclusive to the Japanese market only. From the Land Cruiser, Camry, RAV4, Alphard, and the Japan-spec Corolla and Yaris, the stylish dress-up kit has yet to be available elsewhere.

Now it appears that Modellista is expanding to Southeast Asian models, and they're starting with the Fortuner.

Yes, Toyota Thailand is now offering a Modellista kit for the Fortuner. Here's the interesting bit: Modellista is offering the parts for the standard Fortuner body and not the top-spec LTD/Legender look. Sorry Fortuner LTD/Legender owners, but you guys have the GR Sport option.

Toyota now has Modellista kit for the Fortuner image

Toyota has yet to release the complete list of Modellista parts available for the Fortuner. However, it's easy to spot the additions from the photos provided.

Much like the Modellista style offered in Japan, the kit gives the Fortuner a more upscale look. The package comes with a front lip, side steps, and rear bumper extension. Rounding up the exterior changes are new 18-inch Modellista wheels together with Modellista stickers and badges. There's even the “MODELLISTA” lettering spelled out on the leading edge of the hood. It's a stark contrast from the sporty look of the Fortuner GR Sport.

Toyota now has Modellista kit for the Fortuner image

While interior photos were not yet provided, there appear to be no changes applied to the cabin. However, Modellista could offer small items such as scuff plates and LED lighting.

There's also no word yet on the price of the kit, wheels, and other accessories. Hopefully, the package won't be as expensive as the Japanese version as a Modellista kit retails for around JPY 110,000 (PHP 50,000) depending on the model. Meanwhile, the wheels start at around JPY 160,000 (PHP 79,000) and can go up to JPY 400,000 (PHP 181,000) for a set.

Toyota now has Modellista kit for the Fortuner image

It's still uncertain whether Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will offer the Modellista kit for the Fortuner. We have spotted a Modellista Alphard at a local dealership, so it is very likely that TMP may include this as a dealer accessory option for one of its best-selling nameplates.

What do you think of the Modellista kit for the Fortuner? Did the dress-up parts maker get it right or should they have made a few more tweaks?