It could reportedly be called the MG4

MG will be expanding its electric vehicle lineup later this year. Sadly, it’s not the futuristic Cyberster roadster just yet. Instead, it seems like it will take on the form of a crossover and feature aggressive design cues.

New MG electric vehicle arriving later this year image

The automaker has yet to reveal the official name of the EV, but reports suggest it could be called the MG4. While MG remains tight-lipped about the details, the automaker did say it was designed with the UK consumer in mind. Interestingly, they revealed it will measure 4300mm long and that the full reveal will happen in Q4 of 2022.

New MG electric vehicle arriving later this year image

Together with the announcement, MG also released a teaser video of the vehicle. It doesn’t show much, but we do see the thick black cladding that runs along the lower portion of the vehicle and the aerodynamic wheels. It’s hard to make out other details, but the front end does look aggressive.

Possibly the most striking part of the design is the wraparound LED taillights. These might look like a one-piece unit, but the light bar does stop in the middle where the MG logo is located. Although it's a bit harder to tell, the vehicle does seem to be fitted with a roof spoiler, too.

New MG electric vehicle arriving later this year image

No other details have been revealed about this upcoming MG EV yet. However, this won’t be the brand's first EV. The automaker already has the ZS EV and the MG5 EV, both of which are on sale in several markets already. Given its size, the upcoming MG EV could use a powertrain similar to the two other EVs.

MG has yet to offer the MG5 EV and the ZS EV in the Philippines. Considering this upcoming model is built for UK clients, chances of it arriving here are slim to none.