BMW releases new M2 teaser with less camouflage ahead of launch

Five months ago, BMW dropped the first teaser images of the all-new M2. At the time, they were not yet ready to show the brand new look of the high-performance coupe to the world. However, they did announce that the next-generation M2 will be made outside of Germany, specifically at the company's San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico.

Then in June, BMW released another teaser of the M2 only this time it's wearing more colorful livery. More importantly, the M2 was tearing up the track and showing off its track capability. BMW even released more images of the M2's more high-tech interior.

Next-gen BMW M2 drops more camo in latest teaser image

This is all well and good, but we're still waiting on BMW to actually take off the M2's camouflage. Fortunately, it seems the Bavarian automaker has obliged and released yet another teaser of the high-performance coupe.

While BMW has not yet fully removed the camouflage on the M2, we did notice that it now has a thinner livery. This allowed us to take a closer look at its more muscular shape and all-new profile. We also couldn't help but notice the large alloy wheels hiding the equally huge disc brakes.

It is surprising that this particular M2 has a huge wing at the back. Compared to the previous teasers we saw earlier this year, the wing looks brand new and could be an optional extra. Another likely theory is that this M2 could be a more powerful version that may debut alongside the standard version later this year.

Next-gen BMW M2 drops more camo in latest teaser image

The exact powertrain details of the all-new M2 are not yet available. But based on preliminary details, the all-new M2 will use a turbocharged engine derived from the M3/M4 cars. In addition, a choice between a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic will be available for the next-generation coupe. Last but not least, the car's braking system will be based on the M3/M4 vehicles to ensure stopping power at high speeds.

With its official reveal slated for October, BMW is already building up the hype for the M2's big debut before the year ends. The only question now is, when will the all-new BMW M2 arrive at PH dealerships?