Could this be the next-gen XV?

Subaru wants to keep its fans guessing about the new vehicle they will be launching.

The Japanese manufacturer has posted on social media about the “New SUV” having its world premiere on September 15, showing only a glimpse of its LED headlights and a bit of its signature Subaru hexagonal grille.

Next-gen XV? Subaru launching “New SUV” on Sept 15 image

While that may not reveal much about the upcoming “New SUV”, their official YouTube teaser gave us good reason to believe they may be launching the next-generation XV/Crosstrek compact crossover.

One part gave it away – the rear quarter with the new LED taillights. In Subaru's lineup, the current XV's rear quarter glass design looks closest to the one on the video.

In addition, back in 2017, the current-gen XV was launched as an all-new model since the nameplate had its initial debut in 2012. While a minor refresh was introduced in 2021, following Subaru's previous timelines mean the crossover is already ripe for a full model change this year.

The upcoming model will also be the first Subaru since the WRX to be totally new from the ground up, as the larger Forester and Outback crossovers were recently given only minor model refreshes. So aside from having the latest Subaru EyeSight advanced driver assist system, we can also look forward to seeing if the “New SUV” will feature a turbocharged boxer engine.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye (or sight? EyeSight?) on this one.