Nissan PH, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation sign partnership for disaster aid

In a joint effort to bolster the Blue Switch program, Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) held a ceremonial signing of an agreement to announce their partnership.

The partnership will demonstrate the Nissan Leaf’s capabilities as an efficient yet sustainable aid for disaster response to natural calamities and gives an avenue for Nissan Philippines and PDRF to exchange knowledge and information to explore better ways of addressing disasters.

Nissan Leaf EV to aid in PH disaster response image

In attendance during the ceremonial event were Nissan Philippines In president Juan Manuel Hoyos, PDRF President Rene Meily, PDRF Chief Resilience Officer Guillermo Luz, and PDRF’s Executive Director, Veronica Gabaldon.

The Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation is an alliance of businesses dedicated to building a strong, resilient, and disaster-ready Philippines. It is the country’s major private sector coordinator for disaster management.

“We are proud to announce the partnership between Nissan Philippines and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation. This partnership is the next step in our strategy towards a more sustainable and resilient future for the country,” said NPI president Juan Manuel Hoyos.

Nissan Leaf EV to aid in PH disaster response image

Through this partnership, the Nissan LEAF and its V2X bi-directional charging capabilities can supply electricity to affected communities as well as emergency responders during situations of crisis due to natural calamities.

V2X is the capability of Nissan’s Electric Vehicles (EV) that includes the powering of homes vehicle-to-home (V2H), vehicle-to-building (V2B) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging. V2X allows the EV’s battery to transfer power to other sources.

“We are very excited to see how the Nissan LEAF can assist PDRF in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to minimize and recover from disasters,” added Hoyos.