Nissan PH utilizes V2X feature of LEAF to delight children with ice cream & snacks

In its mission to strengthen its electrification efforts through the Blue Switch program, Nissan Philippines has partnered with realme Philippines to provide a day of fun activities for the children of Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines.

The event was the second leg of realme Philippines' Holiday-themed CSR caravan and saw a group of children from the foundation visit Art In Island, Asia's biggest 3D museum.

Together with select members from the tech media and representatives from realme Philippines, participants were treated to snacks and ice cream powered by the Nissan LEAF. The V2X capability of the LEAF was used to power the snack station, resulting in zero carbon emissions during the event.

Afterward, a short program followed where realme Philippines donated smartphones, tablets, and accessories to the children and staff of the foundation.

“As brands that instill the importance of innovation and a daring spirit, Nissan is proud to partner with realme Philippines in its efforts to spread the Holiday cheer to the community. Using the capabilities of the Nissan LEAF, we continue to find innovative ways to utilize sustainable technology to inspire, delight, and improve the lives of Filipinos,” said Juan Manuel Hoyos, president of Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI).