Nissan's Service Tablets to give customers peace of mind when it comes to maintenance



Nissan Philippines is enhancing its aftersales care through a new piece of technology called Service Tablets. To be used by service advisors and technicians across all authorized dealerships, this is part of the company’s efforts to leverage innovative technology to make customer service more advanced and hassle-free.

Nissan PH's new Service Tablets to make aftersales service hassle-free image

According to Nissan, the Service Tablet will make the uncertainty of waiting for updates on customer repairs a thing of the past. This means customers get consistent and quality service for their cars. Servicing time is also more efficient now that Nissan’s master technicians and service advisors can quickly determine issues and order parts and repairs with just a few clicks on their Service Tablets.

Vehicle Inspection and Repair Checklist

As customers have their cars maintained, service advisors do a Walk Around Inspection to assess necessary repairs and share the maintenance information with the customers through the Service Tablet. This feature makes car examinations easier and quicker and information sharing between dealers and customers faster.

Vehicle Repair Documentation

To help customers make informed decisions on their vehicle repairs, service tablets come equipped with an Electronic Vehicle Health Check feature where technicians can take photos and videos of parts that need to be replaced. This documentation feature, alongside detailed explanations, can assist the customers in assessing the parts and procedures needed to complete the repairs.

Service advisors may also show videos that are linked directly to the recommended repairs. These are educational videos to visualize how each repair can benefit the customer. As a result, customers are able to make more educated decisions about their vehicle repairs.

Remote Authorization

Through the service tablet, customers can remotely authorize or approve recommended jobs for their vehicle, ensuring an easier and more efficient maintenance process. They can review repairs themselves regardless of where they are, while also eliminating hidden charges since all information is available immediately.

Nissan PH's new Service Tablets to make aftersales service hassle-free image

Nissan's service tablets promise transparency throughout the aftersales care process, leaving customers assured that they’re getting the best maintenance for their vehicles. They can receive consistent updates, become better informed about the repairs they're availing of and experience a stress-free and cost-efficient service.

To book a maintenance appointment with Nissan, customers can download the Nissan Assist App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, visit their nearest dealership, or dial the Nissan Customer Assistance Center Hotline at (+632) 8403-6593 or 0927-600-9557.