Sold in limited quantities

A few years back, Nissan's motorsport division, NISMO, launched the Heritage Parts Program for the Skyline GT-R. This made owners of the original “Godzilla” around the world purchase brand new parts from the factory when restoring their Skylines.

But like any other JDM cars of that era, there's still a discontinued aftermarket mod that Skyline GT-R enthusiasts treat as one of the “holy grail” parts when it comes to building an R34, and that is the NISMO gauge cluster.

Well, GT-R enthusiasts better grab this opportunity now as NISMO is reproducing the rare part in limited quantities, together with the gauges for the R34 GT-T and Silvia S15.

Nissan brings back NISMO gauges for R34 GT-R, S15 image

Available in either the white or black gauge face, what sets it apart from the standard Skyline GT-R gauge is that it comes with a 320 km/h speedometer, unlike the stock that only reads to 180. Furthermore, it also comes with a tachometer that reads up to 11,000 rpm, 1000 rpm more than the stock R34 GT-R unit.

Nissan brings back NISMO gauges for R34 GT-R, S15 image

So what's the retail on one of these gauges? Before taxes, the S15 gauge is priced at JPY 78,000 (PHP 32,000) and the R34 GT-T gauge at JPY 90,000 (PHP 37,000). Meanwhile, the black face R34 GT-R gauge sells for JPY 98,000 (PHP 40,000), while the white face is the most expensive one at JPY 100,000 (PHP 41,000).

Considering second-hand prices of these gauges fetch six-digit numbers in Philippine pesos online, these are definitely a bargain.

NISMO did not disclose how many of these will they reproduce. But according to the company  they plan to ship these discontinued parts in two batches: one in December 2022 and another around April 2023. So for Skyline GT-R and Silvia owners alike, better get 'em while they're hot.