Order books for Fairlady Z, Ariya EV closed, for now

Car manufacturers continue to play catch-up on getting back to full production strength as they navigate a post-pandemic automotive landscape. Infection rates are still a health concern that continues to prompt countries to lockdown, causing global supply chains to remain unstable.

Earlier in the month, Toyota temporarily closed their order books for some of their vehicles. Now, it's Nissan's turn to announce their suspension of orders for the all-new Fairlady Z (or simply called Z in other markets) and the Ariya EV in Japan.

Nissan to halt orders for all-new Fairlady Z, Ariya EV units image

Nissan is citing the global shortage of semiconductors, logistics issues due to lockdowns, and the disruption of the supply chain that's causing delays in parts procurement and vehicle production. As such, orders for the aforementioned models will be suspended by the end of July.

In the case of customers in Japan who have already ordered either the Z or the Ariya EV, Nissan also announced that the delivery time for their units will be further extended.

This is yet another setback for the Japanese manufacturer as they've already previously delayed production of these two models. The Z just started rolling out of Japanese dealerships last month, while the Ariya EV came out early this year, albeit in limited numbers.

With these issues, we may not see the Fairlady Z being offered locally in the near future. But hopefully, we won't have to wait for another 12 years like how we waited for the 370Z.