The original Godzilla, electrified

Apparently, Japanese manufacturers are liking the idea of combining their past models with future tech.

First it was Toyota who came up with a hydrogen-powered and fully-electric concepts of the Trueno AE86, but now it's Nissan's turn to electrify their 90s legend – the Skyline R32 GT-R.

Nissan wants Skyline R32 GT-R reborn with electric power image

Yes, this is no April fools' joke. Nissan actually posted on their official Japanese website and Twitter that they will start the R32 GT-R EV conversion concept model. Essentially, Nissan will be making an EV that has the R32 GT-R's signature body style, but it will no longer be powered by the RB26DETT. Instead, it will have an electric motor with Nissan's latest electrification technology.

While the RB26 had a lot to do in making the R32 GT-R a 90s JDM legend, there's good reason to believe Nissan will be more than capable of making the R32 a performance EV, giving it the all-electric heart that it deserves. In previous years, Nissan came up with all-electric race cars like the Leaf Nismo RC, and currently, they are racing in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Nissan wants Skyline R32 GT-R reborn with electric power image

It's an exciting project nonetheless to see the R32 GT-R reimagined for the new era of mobility. Would you like other manufacturers to do the same? And which model? Let us know in the comments.