Just about every automaker is giving their car some form of electric assist. Be it in the powertrain or in the drivetrain, specialized electric motors appear to be the driving force of the future automobile. Nissan is heavily invested in the whole electric revolution, and they just made a new development.

Nissan electrifies their all-wheel drive system image

They call it e-4ORCE and it's their new all-wheel drive system for pure electric vehicles. This system was created though the development of their ATTESA system, which is probably most synonymous with the Skylines and the GT-R. ATTESA is also used in the Patrol and most all-wheel drive Infiniti models.

It uses regenerative braking at the front and rear, along with a torque-split and torque-vectoring setup that acts similar to the one found in the GT-R. Nissan adds that e-4ORCE also has minimal vibration and has special mounts to keep things steady even on rough roads. They even said that vehicles fitted with e-4ORCE will be enjoyable for 'beginners', as the extra grip will provide added confidence behind the wheel.

Nissan electrifies their all-wheel drive system image

We've actually had the chance to try out e-4ORCE back in October. It was fitted to an all-wheel drive, high-performance LEAF prototype but back then, it didn't have a name at the time. Our impressions of e-4ORCE? The 'Super LEAF' felt like an electric GT-R with immediate responses off the line and outstanding agility. The test prototype we drove then really impressed us, and Nissan is even considering building a hot dual-motor LEAF much like this one.

Nissan Ariya

But e-4ORCE isn't just for high-performance applications. Nissan says this new piece of technology will be applied to the Ariya crossover once it hits production. That model will be Nissan's first pure electric crossover and is slated for production within the first half of the new decade.