PHP 105M worth of road enhancements being conducted by NLEX at SFEX

Heads up to motorists who are heading to Subic via the new Subic Freeport Expressway (SFEX). The NLEX Corporation recently announced that they are conducting several improvements in order to make it safer for motorists during all types of weather conditions.

The PHP 105 million worth of improvements and enhancement works include pavement surface upgrade, construction of ditch and slope protection, installation of guard rails, and application of hazard paint that is intended to make the SFEX and its surrounding slopes safer for motorists.

“We aim to make our roads safe for all weather conditions. With these enhancements, we expect to further protect motorists from roadside hazards by strengthening the slopes and improving the drainage system and other safety features at the SFEX,” said J. Luigi Bautista, president of NLEX Corporation.

NLEX conducting road upgrades at Subic Freeport Expressway image

Starting with the pavement surface upgrade, this will help drain away water from the roadway, especially during heavy rains. It will cover a total of 4,374 linear meters and will span between Jadjad and Argonaut Bridges.

In order to stabilize the slopes and prevent erosion from happening, NLEX Corp. is installing wire mesh while concrete is being applied on a 1,830 square meter section of SFEX. Concrete barriers and other structures are painted with hazard warning markings to ensure motorists are aware of potential risks.

The next time you're heading towards Subic, don't be surprised to see some roadworks being done along SFEX.