Will the new scanners and card readers make for faster travel along NLEX?

Last year, NLEX Corporation put up more RFID scanners, early detection features, RFID card readers, as well as a plate recognition system on RFID lanes along the expressway. This was made to further improve customer service, as well as speed up transactions across all toll plazas.

With over 119 million motorists served last year, NLEX Corporation plans to further improve customer experience by installing more enhanced RFID scanners and contactless card terminal readers.

For 2022, about 29 more toll lanes will be equipped with enhanced scanners for faster RFID detection. Meanwhile, an additional 50 toll lanes will be fitted with new contactless terminals where customers can tap their Easytrip card to get through toll plazas. Once completed, NLEX says that a total of 217 toll lanes will have the RFID early detection system, while 258 toll lanes will get contactless terminals.

NLEX to put more early RFID scanners, card readers on toll lanes image

Aside from these improvements, the tollway company, together with its business units of Metro Pacific Tollway Corporation (MPTC), will be launching an interactive chatbot system on its website and Facebook Messenger. They claim that this new service will help customers get instant answers to their basic inquiries.

“It is imperative for us to serve our customers well. We are innovating and adapting accordingly to improve our operations so we can provide customers with a quick and seamless experience both in our expressways and digital channels,” said J. Luigi L. Bautista, president and general manager of NLEX Corp.

With NLEX Corp. looking to speed up RFID transactions along its expressways, we’re hoping that it will actually make traveling along NLEX and SCTEX more seamless.