Honda to reveal the SUSTAINA-C Concept at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda is gearing up for one heck of a presentation at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023. Yesterday, the automaker announced that they will be revealing the Specialty Sports Concept which could serve as a prerequisite for the brand’s vision for an all-electric sports car, possibly alluding to the NSX.

But aside from that Honda will also be showing another neat concept next month called the SUSTAINA-C. While it may look like a Honda e with a funkier-looking exterior, this hatchback concept is actually made of acrylic resin. That’s right, this cute hatchback uses thermoplastic.

For Honda, the SUSTAINA-C concept highlights the sustainability and practicality of acrylic resin which can be recycled and reused several times over. In addition, the concept vehicle transcends the constraints of the limited availability of resources through “resource circulation”. This will allow Honda to be able to achieve both environmental sustainability and the joy & freedom of mobility in the future.

Plastic Fantastic: Honda to debut concept car made of acrylic resin image

The SUSTAINA-C also comes with the Pocket Concept. Like the hatchback, this tiny motorcycle is also made from acrylic resin - highlighting that resource circulation can also be done on motorcycles, too.

With Honda looking to have a carbon-neutral future in the years to come, could the SUSTAINA-C concept actually make building cars of the future not have to rely on precious resources in the long run?