PNP ramps up operations against motorists that violate Presidential Decree 96

It seems that despite having a Presidential Decree against the use of blinkers and sirens, there are still those that use such devices on their vehicles. However, the Philippine National Police (PNP) wants to crack down on motorists that continue to use sirens and blinkers.

Recently, the PNP has vowed that it will ramp up its operations against such motorists that continue to use blinkers and emergency sirens. As a result, the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) will be strict in apprehending motorists that have illegal devices mounted on their vehicles according to Major General Valeriano de Leon, PNP Director for Operations.

To intensify the PNP-HPG's operations against those that continue to use sirens and blinkers, they will be conducting checkpoints and issuing warnings to motorists. Moreover, De Leon has assembled a group to adopt methods to discourage vehicle owners to purchase and install the said illegal devices. He added that shops that sell the “wangs-wangs” and blinkers without proper authorization can also be held responsible, stressing that they should only be sold to government entities.

As a reminder, the illegal use of blinkers and sirens is banned under Presidential Decree 96 which was issued back in 1973 by then-President Ferdinand Marcos. It prohibits ordinary motorists from using such devices “that produce exceptionally loud or startling sound” and “signaling or flashing devices”.

De Leon added that motorists that continue to use wangs-wangs and blinkers could face 6 months in prison as well as a fine of PHP 600. Worse, motorists found guilty of violating Presidential Decree 96 can also have their vehicle's certificate of registration revoked.

For vehicle owners that continue to use blinkers and sirens, you have been warned by the PNP-HPG.