Here's something interesting from the Philippine National Police. Apparently the vigilance of netizens has caught the eye of the PNP, particularly through the @PNPhotline Twitter account.

After repeated mockery on social media regarding duty officers violating traffic rules, the Philippine National Police's Directorate for Police Community Relations has issued a memorandum dated June 23, 2014 titled PNP Personnel Violations Reported and Captured in the Social Media.

Below is the memo in full:

The memo stated that “The PNP should be the first to uphold the law and promote the culture of professionalism as stated in CODE-P. However some personnel do not set the best examples when in public view and while performing their duties”.

“It is alarming that these alleged violations of PNP personnel are captured in photos and videos and are circulating in the social media,” continued the memo.

The PNP TADPCR cited the most common violations of policemen often caught on camera such as the improper use of vehicle plates, non compliance with proper uniform, improper use of government vehicles, violations of traffic rules, non-observance of discipline while on duty and, a social media favorite, PNP personnel not wearing helmets when riding motorcycles.

The PNP is alarmed by these concerns about the irresponsible nature of “very few PNP personnel” caught and circulating in social media, and so the PNP Police Chief Superintendent, Danilo Santos Constantino, promised that “immediate heads of offices will be held liable for the violation of their personnel on the above stated policies if no action is taken to the misdemeanors of their personnel”.

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