Stuttgart all set to reveal something special for 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars

June 8, 1948, holds a special place in Porsche’s history. That’s the date when the first Porsche received road approval - a  356 No. 1 Roadster. This cemented the late Ferry Porsche’s dream of making a sports car and marked a sign of things to come from the Stuttgart-based automaker.

With roughly a week to go before its 75th anniversary, Porsche will be celebrating its Diamond Jubilee through a special one-hour event on June 8, 2023. But what can we expect from the momentous occasion?

Porsche’s Sports Car of The Future to be previewed June 8 image

Recently, the company announced that they will livestream the event in celebration of the “Driven by Dreams: 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars”. It will be broadcast in both English and German and will offer audiences a look forward to its vision of the sports car heritage. There will be a total of five acts that will cover themes of Heritage, Zeitgeist, Performance, Pioneering Spirit, and Dreams.

But what exactly will Porsche be showing next week during the celebration? The automaker is still coy with details but it could be a concept of sorts that will highlight the brand’s direction in the coming years. With the brand adamant about electrifying its lineup, could we bear witness to the first electrified 911?

Possibly, but perhaps not. While some within Porsche itself want a hybrid 911, purists are not exactly in favor of such an idea. As early as 2020, there have been rumors going around that the 911 could join the electrification bandwagon. However, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume made it clear that the 911 will be the last Porsche to go electric.

Porsche’s Sports Car of The Future to be previewed June 8 image

With the 911 unlikely to go the electric route any time soon, perhaps we might see an all-electric concept that will serve as Porsche’s vision of the future. Just last year, Porsche climbed Goodwood with an all-electric Cayman GT4 ePerformance. Powered by components from the Mission R Concept, the electric Cayman can crank out up to 1,088 PS in qualifying mode and a steady 612 PS for a 30-minute race. With that, we could see an all-electric sports car that could join the ranks of the Taycan and the yet-to-be-launched Macan EV.

The event is set to take place next week so we’re hoping Porsche reveals more details leading up to the livestream celebration on June 8, 2023.