Land Rover reveals first images, details of all-electric Range Rover

Remember when Land Rover confirmed that there will indeed be an electric version of the Range Rover? We already received word from Land Rover Philippines boss Chris Ward earlier this year that the fully-electric Range Rover will come to PH around Q1 2025. However, we have yet to see any official details or teasers from the automaker itself...until now.

Recently, Land Rover released the first official details and teaser images of the soon-to-be-launched Range Rover Electric. According to the brand, the upcoming EV “will deliver performance comparable to a flagship Range Rover V8 and all-terrain capability”. With claims like that, it looks like the Range Rover Electric will have a dual-motor setup that could be similar to the Jaguar I-Pace.

Range Rover Electric to have V8-like performance image

Physical prototype testing of the Range Rover Electric is already underway as engineers are working on making the quietest and most refined Range Rover to date. This will be made possible via a unique active road noise cancellation configuration and focus on sound design & cabin comfort.

In addition, global on-road testing has begun in various parts of the world. From Sweden to Dubai in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to over 50 degrees Celsius, Land Rover wants to make sure the EV can function in any climate conditions. More importantly, Land Rover is rigorously testing the electric drivetrain's robustness, the integrity of the chassis, as well as the battery's ability to deliver power in various conditions.

Range Rover Electric to have V8-like performance image

“We are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created. The magic ingredients that underpin the success of Range Rover remain unchanged: timeless, reductionist design, a serene cabin, and go-anywhere capability – but now offered with zero tailpipe emissions. And as repeated throughout history, the Range Rover will continue to set the standard. The first of its type. An electric luxury SUV that can deliver on the Range Rover promise. A true global luxury product, as yet unseen in the industry,” said Thomas Muller, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover.

The Range Rover Electric will be designed, engineered, and built in the United Kingdom on the brand's flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA). It will be manufactured in Solihull alongside the existing mild and plug-in hybrid versions of the Range Rover.

The all-electric Range Rover is set to be launched sometime in 2024. However, no exact date or timeline was provided by the automaker. All we can do for now is wait for more details (or leaks) to be released by Land Rover soon.