390 GT-Rs were sold in 2023, reports say

It’s amazing that in a short period of time, what was once considered one of the most technologically advanced sports cars is now a modern classic. And with a lot of manufacturers switching to electrification, more people appreciate cars with “old school” tech that still exists.

We’re talking about the evergreen Nissan GT-R. In production since 2007, Nissan’s halo sports car has seen a dramatic increase in sales last year. After getting a significant refresh to its look for better aero efficiency and revised electronics for better handling, as well as some throwback colors offered in other markets, Nissan managed to sell 390 examples of the GT-R.

Renewed Interest: Nissan sold more GT-Rs in 2023 image

While that number may seem small, we have to note that before the 2023 refresh, Nissan only sold 57 units in 2022. So if we do the math, that means Nissan had a five-fold increase in sales with the refreshed GT-R – that’s even taking into account that it didn’t have a power upgrade, and it had a huge price bump across the globe.

People may like the fact that the GT-R feels like a time capsule from the good ‘ol days. Analog gauges, hydraulic steering, and the presence of physical buttons are some things you won’t find in newer, more advanced supercars today.

Nissan may be preparing its successor, and the latest version could be the last update in the R35 platform. It will be a sad day once the final R35 rolls out. The sales numbers show that people appreciate it while it’s still here.

Source: Motor1