House Bill 1544 will make driver's license renewal a whole day affair

Driver's license renewal, especially in malls or satellite locations hasn't been much of a chore. That could change with the new bill filed by Representative Robert Ace S. Barbers called the Roadworthy Driving Seminar for All Drivers Act.

Rep. Barbers says our highly urbanized roads have become chaotic and drivers need to be re-educated and disciplined. He also adds that no matter what traffic solution is implemented, uneducated drivers are still the problem and contribute to traffic congestion. If this bill is passed, aside from the seminar and exam, there will also be a mandatory driving test.

Solon wants to revise license renewal procedure image

Also known as House Bill 1544, it mandates that the LTO create a program for the driving seminar, exam, and actual driving test. Once completed, the driver will be allowed to continue his / her renewal process. A proposed physical includes the test supervisor determining the fitness, qualification, readiness, ability to drive, and actual application of knowledge learned from the seminar. 

Adding this to the renewal process will definitely take more time and effort, but this may be a great way to weed out the bad drivers and get them off the roads. This bill will surely lead to a new understanding of how to drive on public roads. Other countries are very strict when giving out driver's licenses, and maybe we should as well.