Ferrari to reveal more details about their super SUV

We won't have to wait much longer to finally see the high-riding Prancing Horse.

Ferrari has made it clear on its official Twitter page that it is revealing more details about the Purosangue SUV on September 13. They made the announcement with a 15-second teaser video showing only the new model's LED headlights, while the sound of its V12 engine is roaring in the background.

Save the date: Ferrari Purosangue SUV may debut on September 13 image

For the record, a leaked photo of the Purosangue had already surfaced earlier in the year before Ferrari showed a glimpse of its front fascia. In addition, the Italian manufacturer has also used the phrase “Heart of a Thoroughbred” when they confirmed the super SUV's powertrain will be a V12.

The Purosangue was also reported to have Ferrari's innovative FAST or Ferrari Active Suspension Technology to help it handle better on the corners while providing a smooth ride.

Save the date: Ferrari Purosangue SUV may debut on September 13 image

Ferrari is coining the term “game-changing new model” for the Purosangue, as it sets its V12-powered self apart from other V8-powered super SUVs from the likes of Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche.

There's still a debate on whether Ferrari is holding the official global reveal on September 13 or just another marketing ploy to hype up the eventual arrival of the first-ever Ferrari SUV. That said, we only have to wait a little less than a week to find the answers.