Shell Philippines holds Fast Track event at SMX

Auto workshops in the Philippines are one of the most popular go-to places for vehicle owners when it comes to car maintenance. And for auto workshop owners, Shell Lubricants Philippines wants to give them the opportunity to advance and expand their businesses.

Shell Lubricants Philippines held the Fast Track: Shell Helix Auto Workshop Summit at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, featuring talks from industry experts about business development and franchising tracks with the help of Shell Helix products and services.

Shell PH holds business summit for auto workshop owners image

The event highlighted the importance of trust in the industry and how Shell Helix products and services are anchored on ensuring that human, product, and brand truths are conveyed to business owners and their customers.

Also of note is the free training being offered by the Shell Helix Team as part of the partnership, giving auto workshop mechanics the necessary equipment and knowledge to perform well and deliver quality service.

Shell PH holds business summit for auto workshop owners image

Lastly, the event pointed out the use of the importance of integrating fintech into auto workshops' daily operations and services such as GCash, as it offers business owners access to financing and investment options for growth, while customers benefit from convenient mobile payment methods, saving time and hassle.

“Auto workshops are not just businesses; they are thriving communities that bring people together and foster a shared sense of belonging. Shell Lubricants takes pride in being able to connect and provide support to the driving force that keeps us going and moving forward. Through Shell Helix, we can create better and more sustainable growth for our business owners,” said Jackie Famorca, Vice President of Shell Lubricants Philippines.