All-new Toyota Vios loses more camo in latest sighting in Thailand

As we draw closer to the eventual launch of the next-generation Toyota Vios (AKA Toyota Yaris Sedan), more details and images of the upcoming sedan are coming out.

After being spotted wearing heavy camouflage last month, the 2023 Vios has been spotted yet again in The Land of Smiles. Unlike the previous sighting, however, the prototype that was recently seen was wearing less camo which allowed us to get a better look at the car's design.

Spied: 2023 Toyota Vios looks like a baby Corolla image

Based on the photos posted by Autolifethailand, it appears the all-new Vios might look like a pint-sized version of the Corolla Altis. From the large front grille, sharp LED headlights, and shapely hood, the 2023 Vios will look more stylish than its predecessor.

We were also able to see a glimpse of the Vios' new rear. Aside from the fact that it will have a more sloping roofline, the 2023 Vios will have a new set of wraparound LED taillights, a bigger trunk lid, and a redesigned rear bumper. Based on the design of the taillights, we can't help but notice its resemblance to the Nissan Almera.

Details about its powertrain are still a mystery. However, the publication claims that it will reportedly come with two engine options. The first engine will supposedly be the 1.2-liter four-cylinder 3NR-FKE Dual VVT-i carried over from the outgoing generation.

Spied: 2023 Toyota Vios looks like a baby Corolla image

The other engine will reportedly be a Dynamic Force hybrid engine called the M15A-FXE. It's a 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated three-cylinder that will be paired to an electric motor – making it a parallel hybrid system. The engine produces 91 PS with 120 Nm of torque, while the electric motor puts out 80 PS plus 141 Nm of torque thanks to a lithium-ion battery pack.

With both the engine and motor working together, the entire system will have a total system output of 116 PS and will be married to an e-CVT automatic. While the engine may appear to be new, it's actually seeing use in the all-new Prius C (AKA Toyota Aqua), Yaris Cross, and the Yaris Hybrid.

Spied: 2023 Toyota Vios looks like a baby Corolla image

There is also the possibility of the all-new Vios coming with the more cost-effective E-Smart Hybrid system that is currently in the all-new Raize. According to our contacts, the next-gen Vios might come with a 1.2-liter gasoline-powered engine that will serve as a range extender/generator for the lithium-ion batteries that power the electric motors. This setup is actually quite similar to Nissan's e-Power system. If true, this will give the 2023 Vios a similar feel to an EV while still being a hybrid.

With only just a few months to go before the next-gen Toyota Vios is revealed, we're hoping that more details will come out. More importantly, we're also keeping our fingers crossed that Toyota releases teaser images of the all-new sedan in the coming weeks.