First units of 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross already in country

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) seems to be a bit sensitive lately when it comes to leaks. Of course that doesn't stop us from getting the information we need on models our readers want to see.

That certainly is the case with these exclusive images we obtained of the new Philippine-spec Toyota Yaris Cross.

Yes, it's a left-hand drive vehicle. Yes, it's the one meant for Philippine showrooms. And yes, that's an LTO conduction sticker on the windshield.

Spied: PH-spec 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross has arrived image

The Yaris Cross will be an entirely new nameplate for the Philippines that will be the go-between 5-seater crossover that sits above the diminutive Toyota Raize as well as the larger Toyota Corolla Cross. That means the Yaris Cross will fit the price gap between the two which is at PHP 1.05M for the high-grade Raize Turbo and the entry model Corolla Cross at PHP 1.312M.

There are actually two distinct types of Toyota Yaris Cross in the world. The version the Philippines is getting is not the same as the Euro or Japanese models as those use a Toyota platform with much more modern Dynamic Force engines that even include a hybrid. The model we will get will be based on the Southeast Asia-spec Yaris Cross that’s made in Indonesia using Daihatsu platforms. That also means the vehicle should ride and feel similar to other DNGA platform vehicles like Raize and Veloz.

The main advantage of using the Toyota-badged Daihatsu Yaris Cross instead of the Japan/Euro model is that the former is actually bigger. The disadvantage, however, is that Philippine-spec Yaris will use 2NR 1.5L engines instead of the more advanced M15A 1.5L Dynamic Force power units.

We will keep you updated on developments regarding what the Yaris Cross will come equipped with, but we expect that it will be loaded with many of the features we normally see on Indonesian-made Toyota/Daihatsu models.

Our insiders tell us that the first batch of units has already arrived (as made clear by the CS on the windshields) and more are on the way. The first units are already being sent to dealers for demo and training. As for the launch, we expect it to happen soon.