From design concept, the Kia EV5 will make its debut at 2023 Chengdu Motor Show

Remember when Kia announced its next electric vehicle (EV) will be called the EV5? Back in March of this year, the Korean automaker released the first images of said EV, albeit in concept form.

Borrowing styling cues from the flagship EV9, the EV5 Concept carries with it the now-familiar “Opposites United” design philosophy of the brand that consists of sharp angles, a boxy profile, and flowing curves. The result is a compact and stylish electric crossover that features a futuristic design along with a high-tech interior.

Stylish Kia EV5 SUV revealed ahead of debut image

Ahead of its grand debut at this year's Chengdu Motor Show in China, first images of the all-electric crossover have been revealed via the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology.

Looking at the initial photos, the production EV5 largely resembles the concept it is based on. From the distinct LED light signatures at the front and rear to the aerodynamically-designed alloy wheels, the designers over at Kia made sure the EV5 is faithful to the original concept. The wheels are actually smaller at 18- and 19-inches compared to the 21-inch set found in the concept, but they follow the same design and aesthetic.

Stylish Kia EV5 SUV revealed ahead of debut image

Also worth mentioning are the door handles. The concept originally had none but the production model will have the streamlined flush door handles for easier opening as well as a sleeker finish. Size-wise, the EV5 will reportedly measure 4615mm long, 1875mm wide, and 1715mm tall, along with a 2750mm wheelbase. This puts the EV5 right into the compact SUV market.

When it comes to its powertrain, the EV5 will supposedly get a single electric motor that sends 218 PS with 310 Nm of torque to the front wheels. Its battery will supposedly come from BYD's Blade battery technology and will make use of lithium-iron phosphate. An AWD dual-motor setup will reportedly be available at a later date.

With the debut of the Kia EV5 set for August 25 next week, we'll be keeping a close eye on any developments regarding the upcoming electric vehicle.