Sport Mobility Concept by Subaru to be revealed at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

It seems every Japanese automaker participating at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show) will have a futuristic concept of sorts that will highlight the brand’s direction in the coming years.

Whether it’s a Cyberpunk-inspired EV concept or a design study that essentially previews a new or next-generation model, companies are already starting to show teasers or digital renderings of the upcoming vehicle that will be revealed later this month.

Also making its presence felt at the mobility show is Subaru who is set to unveil the Sport Mobility Concept. Billed by the automaker as a battery electric vehicle (BEV), the yet-to-be-revealed electric concept seems like it will have a neo-retro-inspired design.

Subaru goes 80s retro with all-electric Sport Mobility Concept image

With only the silhouette and a glimpse of the front fascia to go on, the sleek-looking concept appears to have a coupe body style along with a long hood and a low roofline. It also has what seems to be a unique set of LED headlights, an illuminated Subaru logo on the hood, and what looks like squared wheel arches along with muscular fenders that further accentuate the EV concept’s distinct appearance.

Other details regarding the upcoming EV concept remain a mystery. However, the automaker did mention that the Sport Mobility Concept “expresses the enjoyment that Subaru offers in the age of electrification, embodying the pleasure of going anywhere, anytime, and driving at will in everyday to extraordinary environments”.

Based on that statement, it looks like the EV could also be capable of going off the beaten path. Since the bottom half of the vehicle is still covered in shadow, perhaps the EV concept has a taller ride height than what the teaser image lets us see.

Subaru goes 80s retro with all-electric Sport Mobility Concept image

The Subaru XT from the 1980s

Also worth mentioning about the Sport Mobility Concept is the fact that it somehow resembles a classic Subaru from decades ago. With its wedge-like front fascia, coupe body, and retro-inspired aesthetic, this particular concept reminds us of the Subaru XT from the mid to late 80s.

Does this mean Subaru is looking towards its past for a possible new model based on the Sport Mobility Concept? We’ll find out once Subaru reveals the EV concept in full in two weeks when the 2023 Japan Mobility Show opens.