5 millionth model is a Tesla Model 3 made in China

While we don't see a lot of them on our local roads, Tesla is rolling out its electric vehicles at such a high pace in the global market. And in fact, they have hit another milestone: Tesla has made EV number 5 million.

The company announced the achievement on its X (formerly known as Twitter) page. And for context, the Tesla EV number 5 million is a Pearl White Model 3 Highland that was made in the Shanghai Gigafactory in China.

Tesla has made its 5 millionth EV image

When the Tesla company was founded in 2003, it took the manufacturer around 5 years to produce and sell its first-ever EV – the Roadster. And since electric vehicle production at the time was not yet gaining much traction, it wasn't until March 2020 that Tesla number 1 million rolled off the assembly line.

But after that, things took off on an exponential scale. The 2 millionth Tesla EV was produced within 18 months, the 3 millionth 11 months after EV number 2 million, and the 4 millionth EV was made in March 2023.

Tesla has made its 5 millionth EV image

Then finally, after six months, Tesla hit the 5 million EV mark. This is different from what BYD has achieved recently, as the latter was making “new energy vehicles”, which is a combination of hybrids and battery electric vehicles.

Tesla is making EVs in four Gigafactories: Two in the United States, one in Berlin, Germany and the other, as mentioned earlier, in Shanghai, China.