Lamborghini reimagines the Huracan as a fire-breathing off-road machine

Have you ever wanted to see Lamborghini make an off-road version of the Huracan? Well you can now stop imagining now as they have released an all-new concept that can do exactly that.

Say hello to the Huracan Sterrato concept, a radical-looking bull that draws on the Lamborghini Urus’ off-road prowess. Built and designed to have the sleek appearance of a supercar complete with off-road capability, Lamborghini claims this is the ‘super sports car for challenging environments’.

Lamborghini Sterrato concept image

Based off a Huracan Evo, Lamborghini raised its ride height by 47mm thanks to a suspension lift kit. It also gets wider wheel tracks, 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in specially-developed tires, wide body wheel arches with integrated air intakes, as well as an LED light bar mounted on the roof.

Since it’s meant for going off the beaten path, the concept is fitted with a plethora of underbody reinforcements. It has a new rear skid plate which doubles as diffuser, an aluminum front skid plate, aluminum side skirts, stone-deflecting protection that surround the engine and air intakes, and mud guards made out of carbon fiber and resin.

Lamborghini Sterrato concept image

Pictures of the interior were not available. However, Lamborghini did mention that it has a bepsoke cabin that reflects the concept’s off-road nature. It has a titanium lightweight roll cage, four-point seatbelts, carbon fiber shell seats, and aluminum floor panels as well.

At the heart of this Huracan concept is, you guessed it, an upgraded 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10. Like the Huracan Evo from which it is based off, it produces 640 PS along with 600 Nm of torque. The engine is then paired to the Huracan Evo’s intelligent LDVI system which constantly monitors and adjust the four-wheel drive, suspension settings, and torque vectoring to ensure perfect driving dynamics.

Lamborghini Sterrato concept image

“The Huracan Sterrato illustrates Lamborghini’s commitment to being a future shaper: a super sports car with off-road capabilities, the Sterrato demonstrates the Huracan’s versatility and opens the door to yet another benchmark of driving emotion and performance. Lamborghini’s R&D and design teams are constantly exploring new opportunities and delivering the unexpected as a core characteristic of our DNA, challenging possibilities while inspired by Lamborghini brand heritage,” said Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini.

Does this mean we’ll be see the Huracan be available as an off-road vehicle? Fingers crossed Lamborghini actually decides to make a few of these for production.