Lexus RZ 450e set for April 20 reveal

The Lexus RZ will soon be cleared for take-off.

Lexus has released another teaser of the all-new crossover ahead of its April 20 reveal. The exterior design of the EV was revealed last February, and now it's the first time we'll have a glimpse of the car's interior.

The dawn of electric vehicles has really opened up the creative minds of designers. In some EV models, we see side mirrors being replaced by cameras, and dashboards are having wraparound screens. Now, the luxury brand's first dedicated EV model has a steering yoke that looks more at home on a Boeing or Airbus than a road car.

The Lexus RZ looks more flight sim than road-ready EV image

We first saw this style of steering yoke on the Tesla Model S Plaid, and this might have had an influence on the RZ's design. In addition, the Lexus' long-range EV cousin, the Toyota's bZ4X, was also seen wearing a steering yoke when it was revealed last year.

Furthermore, the RZ features a driver-centric dashboard layout, though it's different from the typical Lexus design. In fact, we're seeing some similarities to the dashboard layouts of the Honda Jazz and the CR-Z hybrid.

It'll be interesting to see whether Lexus would have the yoke as standard equipment, or as an optional kit like the bZ4X. But with the RZ being the more luxurious EV model, we're thinking that it's going to be the former.