Check your renewal schedules here

The Land Transportation Office seems to be getting on top of its plastic card supply issues as of late, and those who haven't renewed their licenses may not have to settle for a paper-printed -and laminated- version.

LTO has announced the renewal schedules for driver's licenses that expired from April to September 2023. The schedule for renewal begins tomorrow, October 6 for those who have expired licenses covering the dates of April 1 to 30, 2023. This will go on until the September batch finishes their renewal schedule by March 31, 2024.

Check out the full renewal schedule in the photo below:

LTO announces renewal schedules for expired driver's licenses image

Should motorists fail to renew their licenses on the scheduled dates, the LTO says their licenses will no longer be valid, and motorists could pay additional charges as a penalty for late renewal.

On the other hand, LTO has not given an advisory for expiring driver's licenses this October. We suggest in the meantime for October license holders to follow the normal renewal schedule to avoid any inconveniences.