Porsche reveals front fascia of 2024 Cayenne ahead of 2023 Auto Shanghai debut

There is no question that the Cayenne is the most important model for Porsche, and that's why they are raring to unveil what could be the most extensive product upgrade in the brand’s history in the German automaker’s largest market: China.

Excitement is high amongst motorists and enthusiasts, so much so that the Internet was buzzing two weeks ago when an image from its instrument panel had people talking about some of the purported changes to its exterior.

Today, Porsche revealed the front fascia in a teaser photo, and it seems we were right about the exterior updates, especially on the nose. The redesigned headlights are slimmer and so are the four bulbs in them. It also has a much sleeker grille, but the angle of the shot prevents us from confirming any changes on the bumper.

Porsche gives sneak peek of 2024 Cayenne's new face image

Only one teaser photo is available, but Porsche has been generous with the cabin details. The instrument cluster is now fully digital. It has a 12.6-inch curved display without a hood cover and displays the rev counter, has night vision assist, and 3D driving assistance systems. Drivers can opt for the classic Porsche five-tube instrument cluster design by selecting it on the menu. The infotainment system has a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment and an optional 10.9-inch display for the front passenger. Both screens display various in-car settings and amenities, including navigation and media controls.

Porsche gives sneak peek of 2024 Cayenne's new face image

The gear selector is now placed on the right of the steering wheel, between the instrument cluster and the touchscreen, to free up space between the front passengers. The change lets the designers install a large air-conditioning control panel with analog controls and extra storage space.

In front of the driver is a new, sportier steering wheel that looks to be taken from the same parts bin as that of the 911.

Porsche will unveil the 2024 Cayenne at the 2023 Auto Shanghai, which starts tomorrow, April 18, until April 27, 2023.