Toyota halts shipping of affected models

After two recalls in the first month of 2024 affecting the local units of the Avanza, Veloz, and Raize, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is facing a much larger controversy today, certification issues affecting three diesel engines for several key Toyota models sold in the region.

A statement by TMC released today revealed that a special investigation committee discovered irregularities during engine horsepower output testing. It showed that the wrong ECU (electronic control unit) with different software, was used to make the results/values appear smoother and with less variation.

The affected models use the 1GD engine found in the Land Cruiser Prado, Hilux, Hiace, and Fortuner (sold in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa); the 2GD engine of the Hilux (sold in Japan) and Innova (sold in Asia); and the F33A engine of the Land Cruiser 300 (sold in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and the LX500d (sold in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East).

Toyota has certification irregularities on its turbodiesel engines image

According to the press release, Toyota Motor Corporation is suspending the shipment of affected models/units. We have tried to reach out to Toyota Motor Philippines, but they have yet to issue a statement on this developing story.

Unfortunately, these are not the only casualties. The report also indicated that brand-new units are not the only ones affected. It also includes models sold as far back as 2017 (Hiace), 2020 (Land Cruiser Prado, Hilux, Fortuner, Innova), 2021 (Land Cruiser 300), and 2022 (LX500d).

What does this mean for owners of models affected by the certification issue? According to TMC, “We have re-verified the mass-produced products manufactured at the plant and confirmed that the affected engines and vehicles meet engine performance output standards. Therefore, there is no need to stop using the affected engines or vehicles.”

But for brand-new car buyers, this issue may force them to wait a little longer. “We deeply apologize to our customers who have been supporting affected vehicles and waiting for a long time, and also to all other stakeholders for the significant inconvenience and concern that this has caused,” TMC added in the statement.

For Toyota, this is a major blow. Just months earlier, its Daihatsu subsidiary was shut down by authorities for the same issue, certification irregularities. We will keep tabs on the situation and update you with the latest developments from Toyota.