Toyota unleashes the 2023 Hilux Rogue with upgraded suspension

We've already seen Arctic Trucks do its magic for the Toyota Hilux when they released the AT35 package for the pick-up truck. With its massive 35-inch tires, wider track, muscular fender flares, under-chassis protection, and a beefed-up suspension, the Hilux AT35 can go anywhere it pleases no matter the terrain or weather.

But that doesn't mean Toyota can't do its own thing when it comes to upgrading its 4x4 machines. Just take a look at what Toyota Australia is offering to its customers; the 2023 Hilux Rogue. While some of you might say it still looks the same as the Conquest, you might want to have your eyes checked.

Toyota finally fits rear disc brakes for 2023 Hilux image

The Hilux Rogue gets a chunkier appearance thanks to an upgraded suspension, a wider 140mm track for the front and rear, a taller ride height, and beefier fender flares. The track increase was made possible after engineers overhauled the suspension by extending the front suspension arm and front stabilizer bar length. They even adjusted the damper angle to improve its efficiency.

The rear suspension was also given attention with the axle length being extended. Meanwhile, the dampers have been moved closer to the wheels. For extra comfort, Toyota put a rear stabilizer bar in order to “enhance cornering stability and ride comfort”. All in all, Toyota claimed that the suspension upgrades have resulted in a 20% enhanced roll rigidity for a better steering feel.

Toyota finally fits rear disc brakes for 2023 Hilux image

But what really surprised us with the Hilux Rogue is that it's the first factory Hilux model that we know of to be fitted with rear disc brakes. This comes as a surprise since the Hilux has always come with rear drums instead of discs. With that, the Hilux Rogue is now on par with the Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok for having disc brakes on all corners. However, don't expect the rear discs to be available across all variants as this is only reserved for the all-new Rogue.

Other mechanical and exterior upgrades Toyota installed on the new Hilux Rogue include 17-inch front disc brakes (1-inch larger than regular models), mudguards, and a front body extension.

Toyota finally fits rear disc brakes for 2023 Hilux image

Toyota Australia will launch the Hilux Rogue in its home market by Q4 of this year. However, there's no word yet if Toyota will make or offer versions of the Rogue to other countries. But since Australia also sources the Hilux from Thailand, perhaps there's a chance Toyota Motor Philippines will plan their own version and call it by a different name.