Land Cruiser Se is Toyota’s vision of an electric luxury 4x4

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Toyota is indeed thinking of making a zero-emissions version of its popular Land Cruiser. In fact, the automaker has just dropped the first images before its debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show.

Officially called the Land Cruiser Se, Toyota claims the concept will deliver high-torque performance unique to BEVs (battery electric vehicles) along with an elegant and stylish design. Starting with its looks, the Land Cruiser Se concept features a unique and futuristic exterior while still having elements of a crossover SUV.

Toyota just revealed an all-electric Land Cruiser concept image

The front fascia has sleek LED headlights along with a distinct closed-off grille and what looks like a front skid plate. Meanwhile, large 8-spoke alloys fill up the wheel wells and give the electric crossover SUV generous ground clearance. Last but not least is the uniquely designed rear end of the concept which features rounded fenders, a thin LED strip that acts as the taillights, and a stylish tailgate.

Size-wise, the Land Cruiser Se measures 5150mm long, 1990mm wide, 1705mm tall, and has a 3050mm wheelbase. Toyota also says the vehicle can seat a total of 7 people.

Toyota just revealed an all-electric Land Cruiser concept image

Unlike traditional body-on-frame SUVs, the Land Cruiser Se actually has a unibody construction which the automaker says helps deliver responsive handling and better driver confidence in taking on rough terrain. Moreover, since the all-electric concept doesn’t have an engine, it’s set to deliver a more quiet riding and driving experience for occupants.

Toyota just revealed an all-electric Land Cruiser concept image

Other details regarding the Land Cruiser Se concept remain a mystery. But given that Toyota has come up with such a concept, perhaps what we’re looking at is but a taste of things to come from the automaker. With Toyota looking to add more EVs to its lineup, we won’t be surprised if this concept becomes a reality in the coming years.