Toyota PH, Basa Bookstore team up for educational campaign

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is making strides in promoting child literacy and improving the quality of education among Filipino children.

The Japanese automaker has partnered with local children’s bookstore Basa Bookstore for its educational campaign and storytelling caravan called Lakbay-Kuwentuhan.

Toyota Lite Ace helps deliver children's books to promote literacy image

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of education among Filipino children and encourage them to read by distributing locally published books. Through the partnership, Toyota and Basa Bookstore toured different provinces by using the Toyota Lite Ace Van to deliver storybooks to children for the first leg of their caravan.

With over 2,430 kilometers traveled and delivering from Laguna to Albay, TMP has helped the organization reach 12 communities in the said provinces to serve more than 3,000 students. Lakbay-Kuwentuhan managed to conduct three workshops and give six storytelling sessions in its last caravan.

Toyota Lite Ace helps deliver children's books to promote literacy image

“When we started the book-giving caravan amidst a pandemic and after Typhoon Ulysses, Toyota was eager to support our cause”, said Rey Bufi, Founder and Chief Storytelling officer of Basa Bookstore. “For these, we and the local communities are so grateful for Toyota’s role in moving our world,” added Rey.

In addition, the campaign objective for this year was to distribute 5,000 books to public schools, reach 10,000 students, and facilitate 20 storytelling workshops for 1,000 public school teachers all across the country.

Toyota Lite Ace helps deliver children's books to promote literacy image

“Part of promoting better quality of life for Filipinos is nurturing young minds and providing them with the tools for continuous learning. We at TMP believe that all children deserve quality education as this will prepare them for their future and help mold them into the person they hope to become.

We thank them for trusting Toyota and we look forward to more similar future activities powered by our goal of creating mobility for all,” said Elvin Luciano, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Services Department of Toyota Motor Philippines.