Maintaining older Toyotas will now be a bit easier

Toyota has been doing old car owners a big favor with their GR Heritage Parts program. It allows them to purchase long discontinued parts once more, to keep their precious vehicles running longer.

So far, the automaker has reproduced a total of 33 crucial parts for the 2000GT, A70 and A80 Supras, the AE86 Trueno/Levin, and the Land Cruiser 40 series throughout 2020 and 2021. But this year, it seems Toyota will roll out even more reproduction parts to help owners maintain and restore their vehicles. Specifically, the automaker says an additional 56 parts for all 6 vehicles will be available.

Toyota has already listed the complete list of parts available this 2022 via the GR Heritage website. Out of all the vehicles included, the Land Cruiser 40 Series will have the most number of reproduction parts available this 2022. Specifically, Toyota will revive a total of 33 items for the SUV alone. Meanwhile, the A70 Supra follows with 11 new parts, and the 2000GT will have 7 reproduction parts. Interestingly, for the AE86 Trueno/Levin, Toyota decided to reproduce the 4.3 final drive and pinion gear, likely for those planning to bring their vehicles back to factory condition.

Aside from the new heritage parts, the automaker says Toyota Gazoo Racing will gradually make reproduction parts available for purchase at Toyota dealerships starting February 2022. It would be the same as if a customer were to buy standard spare parts for new vehicles. Toyota did not mention if this would only be available in Japan or also for the rest of the world. With that, we hope Toyota Motor Philippines will also be able to offer GR Heritage parts in the future.