See how Toyota makes cars (virtually)

While there are more than a dozen different ways to learn about the manufacturing process of various automakers in the world, no one has made it as easy and simple as Toyota.

Even as active cases continue to plummet, restrictions lifted, and the World Health Organization (WHO) announcing that it is no longer a “public health emergency of international concern,” the Japanese auto manufacturer puts the Toyota Virtual Plant Tour online today. It can be accessed via the Toyota Motor Corporation website ( or go straight through by clicking this link.

Toyota Virtual Plant Tour now online image

The main page is a mix of various scenes and steps of the manufacturing process, including Toyota robots at work and the quality control precision of human workers. Website visitors can opt to go to a specific part of the production process (in case you do not want to go through the whole thing) by clicking on any of the four options on the homepage: Begin Exploration, Manufacturing Process Overview Video, Power Unit Craftmanship, and Toyota Production Process.

If you choose to take on the whole experience, it will definitely be a treat, whether you are a car enthusiast or not. ‘Begin Exploration’ takes the viewer through the process of ‘Stamping,’ which details how soft steel plates are prepped, carried and stretched, punched, stamped, and finally, arranged.

Toyota Virtual Plant Tour now online image

Step 2 is Welding. It goes from assembling the car body and performing additional welding using robots to attaching doors and various parts while inspecting the car body is done by human workers.

Painting is a whole process in itself. It starts with cleaning, priming, sealing, middle coating, top coating, drying, and inspecting. The majority of the work is done by machines, except for sealing and inspecting.

Toyota Virtual Plant Tour now online image

Assembly only has two processes, receiving and installing parts. Installation happens in different stages. It starts with door removal, followed by wiring and ceiling liner fitting, inserting the engine and brakes in, and then the windows come on.

Before it gets shipped to the customer, each vehicle goes through a four-step inspection process to check if the correct parts are installed, if there are scratches/dents on the vehicle, if the lights and gauges are working, and to look for oil leaks.

Toyota Virtual Plant Tour now online image

Power Unit Craftmanship is all about the engine. It details the casting, forging, machining, and assembly of all Toyota units via video.

The Toyota Production System explains the marque’s manufacturing efficiency, its use of Jidoka or autonomation instead of plain automation, and its Just-in-Time concept.

Toyota Virtual Plant Tour now online image

Toyota knows your time is precious, so you can click on the process you want to learn more about or watch the entire thing if you have the time. I suggest you watch the latter, especially if you are in the market for a Toyota. Enjoy!