One year after, it lapses into law

Last year, before the new administration took over, Republic Act No. 11698, or the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act lapsed into law. This R.A. regulates the importation, exportation, and registration of vintage vehicles, as well as other activities related to vintage automobiles and other historical, classical, or collector vehicles.

Vintage Vehicle Law IRR to take effect this April image

Usually, the implementing rules and regulations (IRRs) for newly signed or lapsed laws are formulated within 60 days of their effectivity. But for this case, Northern Samar 1st District Rep. Paul Daza said the IRR of the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act will take effect this April.

According to the report, RA11698 will now cover vehicles that are already 40 years or over from the date of their original manufacturing. Initially, when the law was still a house bill, cars that are over 30 years old were already considered vintage cars. However, with a lot of 30-year-old cars still being used as daily drivers and in roadworthy condition, former LTO Chief Galvante pushed to increase the minimum age of vintage vehicles.

Vintage Vehicle Law IRR to take effect this April image

With the amended age limit, cars like the Toyota Corolla KE70 will no longer be required to meet the clean-air, anti-pollution, safety, road-use, and other standards that were not enforced at the time the vehicle was manufactured. However, they can only be used during weekends and holidays.

In addition, registration of vintage cars with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be valid for 3 years. Under the new law, owners can avail of special “Vintage Vehicle” plates.

Now that the IRR is about to take effect, hopefully, it will clear up any issues that cause concerns for vintage vehicle importers, owners, enthusiasts, and restorers alike.