BMW believes there’s a customer base for the 3 Series Touring in PH

When was the last time you saw a brand-new BMW 3 Series wagon on the road? If you have a hard time remembering don’t worry, even we are struggling to remember.

The last time the automaker actually launched a long roof 3 Series (AKA 3 Series Touring) was back in the 2000s with the fourth-generation E46. Afterward, they only offered the sedan versions and the Gran Turismo (GT) fastback body style which was eventually discontinued.

Fast forward to June 2023, and BMW distributor SMC Asia Cars Distributors Corp. revealed the G21 3 Series Touring. Based on the eighth-generation model, the new wagon variant sits alongside the G20 3 Series Sedan and is set to deliver the same driving dynamics as the four-door but in a more practical, spacious, and sleeker package.

Why BMW PH brought back the 3 Series Touring? image

After several years, why did BMW decide to bring the 3 Series Touring back to the Philippines? In a market where most buyers prefer crossovers, SUVs, and sedans, we asked SMC Asia Cars Distributors Corp. president Spencer Yu for a reason why they brought the wagon to the market.

For the executive, it comes down to several key factors. For starters, there are customers looking for the utility of an SUV or crossover but they also want the driving dynamics of a sedan. And for him, despite the better road manners of modern SUVs, it will still feel different when driving a sedan or wagon.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. No matter how good you are, you’ll never get an SUV to drive like a car. You can come close but the feeling will be different. That’s why we see that there will be a possibility of having a customer base for the Touring versions of our cars,” said Yu.

Why BMW PH brought back the 3 Series Touring? image

Another reason the 3 Series Touring is available once more is the fact that BMW customers also prefer something different in terms of looks and style. As mentioned earlier, the wagon combines SUV/crossover-like utility with the handling capabilities of a sedan. But perhaps one of the most important factors is its design. While the sedan already looks good as it is, the Touring version looks more stylish and unique from a sea of four doors and SUVs.

For enthusiasts and fans who have always wanted to get a long-roof 3 Series, they can now get one at BMW dealerships across the country. Perhaps the only question now is, will they get the 318i, the M340i xDrive, or the flagship M3 Touring Competition xDrive?