Suzuki PH says 2022 Celerio is more premium than the Toyota Wigo

It won't be long before Suzuki Philippines launches its newest hatchback in the country, the 2022 Celerio. In fact, the automaker has already released the prices and variants of the all-new Celerio. The entry-level GL M/T will retail for PHP 708,000 while the top-spec GL AGS will have a sticker price of PHP 754,000.

But some of you might be wondering why Suzuki's latest hatchback is priced above its closest competitors, particularly the Toyota Wigo. We're actually wondering that ourselves and we were able to ask Suzuki why the 2022 Celerio commands a more premium price over the Wigo?

According to Jude Radacio, SPH Sales Manager for Automobiles, the 2022 Celerio is more expensive than the Wigo because of its level of technology and size.

Why is 2022 Suzuki Celerio more expensive than Wigo? image

“We are priced a little higher than Wigo but what we are looking at right now is the technology. Our customers will experience a better ride. The tech that we put into the Celerio gives it a bit more premium than Wigo,” said Radacio.

The all-new Celerio starts at 708,000 with the GL M/T while the range-topping GL AGS is selling for PHP 754,000. As for the Wigo, it's more affordable as it starts at PHP 568,000 with the 1.0 E M/T while the most expensive Wigo is the 1.0 TRD S A/T which has a sticker price of PHP 700,000. So the Wigo is more affordable, but just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's better.

Looking at the two vehicles, it's quite clear the Celerio packs more modern tech compared to the Wigo. For starters, the Suzuki is all-new from the ground up and even sits on a new platform. This allowed Suzuki to stretch its wheelbase as well as make the hatchback bigger than before. The result is a larger and more spacious vehicle. Meanwhile, the 2020 facelift of the Wigo is still based on the same architecture since it was first launched in 2012. While it still works, it is starting to show its age against other hatchbacks on the market.

Why is 2022 Suzuki Celerio more expensive than Wigo? image

There's also the matter of the available transmissions. While both entry-level variants both come with a 5-speed manual, the two hatchbacks have different automatic gearboxes. Whereas the Wigo still comes with a 4-speed automatic, the Celerio comes with a new 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) called Auto Gear Shift (AGS). It combines the efficiency of a traditional stick-shift with the convenience of an automatic, while also delivering a sportier driving experience.

With Suzuki looking to sell 400 to 500 units of the 2022 Celerio per month, can they actually attract customers who are looking for a bigger and more premium hatchback than the Wigo? Don't miss the official launch of the 2022 Suzuki Celerio tomorrow at 3:45 PM on Facebook and see for yourself why the automaker says it's more premium.