Instead of Ora Good Cat, GWM PH calls its new EV the 03

Last week, GWM Philippines officially previewed its latest electric vehicle (EV) called the Ora 03. Combining retro aesthetics with a futuristic cabin and a zero-emissions powertrain, the GMW Ora 03 looks and feels promising. The automaker even brought several examples to the 11th Philippine EV Summit for interested customers to have a closer look.

More importantly, the Ora 03 EV will be available in two variants; one that can reach 370 km on a single charge and another one that can travel up to 500 km on a full charge thanks to a bigger battery. Pricing is not yet available at the moment.

Why is 2024 Ora 03 not called Good Cat in PH? image

However, there was one thing that we wanted to know more about the vehicle - why is it not called the Ora Good Cat like in Thailand? Curious about this matter, we asked some of the executives at GWM Philippines in order to find out.

According to an executive from GWM PH, the reason why they call it the Ora 03 is the fact that it’s the global name. The name “Good Cat” is actually for the Thai market only while the EV’s name in the PRC is “Hao Mao” which translates to Good Cat in Mandarin.

Why is 2024 Ora 03 not called Good Cat in PH? image

Despite not being called the Good Cat in the Philippine market, we won’t be surprised if customers and enthusiasts will still call it as such. Before making its way to the Philippines, its feline-inspired name had already built a reputation and has proven to be quite popular among the EV community.

Do you think GWM PH should have called it the Good Cat despite the 03 being its global name? Let us know in the comments what you think.