Toyota drops teaser of all-new Tacoma pickup truck

It's been 8 years since the third-generation Toyota Tacoma was first launched. Serving as the brand's midsize pickup truck, it slots below the much larger Tundra which received a full-model change back in 2021.

Soon, we'll be saying hello to the all-new fourth-generation 2024 Toyota Tacoma. In fact, the automaker has revealed a new teaser image of the next-generation pickup truck. Despite releasing only a single image, the picture shows redesigned taillights and a new tailgate complete with the TRD Pro logo.

But what caught our attention was the i-Force Max badge on the corner of the tailgate. This signifies the all-new Tacoma will have an electrified turbocharged engine under the hood. No exact details are available yet, but it could get the twin-turbo V6 (plus an electric motor) derived from the Tundra, albeit detuned. In the Tundra, the electrified twin-turbo V6 engine makes a healthy 437 PS with 790 Nm of torque and is connected to a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Will 2024 Toyota Tacoma get electrified twin-turbo V6? image

There's no word if the 2.7-liter four-cylinder gas engine or the 3.5-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline V6 will be carried over for the 2024 Tacoma. But with Toyota continuing to offer electrified powertrains across its vehicles globally, there is the possibility of either the non-assisted V6 or the regular inline-four getting axed.

With Toyota's best-selling midsize pickup truck set to be revealed in the US market soon, fans of the Tacoma will surely be waiting for its grand debut. And while it may not make its way to the Philippines officially, we won't be surprised if gray market dealers are already itching to get one and bring them into the country.