Mazda PH CEO says they have no plans yet for plug-in hybrid CX-60

Last week, Bermaz Auto Philippines Inc officially launched the Mazda CX-60. Serving as the automaker's first-ever vehicle under the Large Product Group, the CX-60 is set to deliver fun-to-drive dynamics in a crossover package, as well as offer a wide array of luxurious amenities without the premium price tag associated with more opulent brands.

With a 3.3-liter turbocharged inline-six that's available in diesel or gasoline power, the CX-60 caters to customers who are picky with their propulsion systems. In addition, it also benefits from a 48V mild-hybrid (MHEV) system called M Hybrid Boost. This makes the CX-60 eligible for the EVIDA law that exempts electrified vehicles from the number coding scheme.

Will Mazda PH bring the CX-60 PHEV? image

But some of us were wondering if Bermaz Auto Philippines has plans to bring the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the CX-60. After all, more and more automakers are bringing hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to the local market. During last week's event, we got our answer from none other than Steven Tan, CEO & president of Bermaz Auto Philippines Inc.

Will Mazda PH bring the CX-60 PHEV? image

“Different solutions are available in different markets and countries. After going through the requirements and regulations for the Philippines, we've come to the decision that the most appropriate or suitable powertrain for the Philippines is the 3.3-liter gasoline and diesel engines,” said Tan.

The executive added that they currently have no plans to bring the CX-60 PHEV to the Philippines.

While this means we won't be seeing any plug-in hybrids from Mazda any time soon, that doesn't mean the automaker is not offering electrified vehicles. Aside from the CX-60, Mazda Philippines is also offering MHEVs in the form of the updated Mazda3 and CX-30.

Will Mazda PH bring the CX-60 PHEV? image

We might not yet get our hands on the PHEV variant of the CX-60, but with a mild-hybrid 3.3-liter turbo inline-six available for now, Mazda Philippines has us spoiled for choice if we want it in turbo-diesel or turbo-gasoline.