Plans to bring all-new Suzuki Swift to PH still being discussed

During the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Suzuki revealed the Swift Concept which is essentially our best look yet at the next-generation hatchback. Then a couple of weeks after it debuted, the automaker officially launched the all-new Swift. Compared to the concept version, the production model pretty much carried over the exterior looks and cabin design, albeit with some minor changes.

Then in December of last year, Suzuki brought the next-gen Swift to Europe, officially marking the hatchback’s availability in left-hand drive (LHD). With Japan and parts of Europe already getting their hands on the sporty hatchback, we were curious if the Philippines is also set to receive the all-new Swift.

Will Suzuki PH launch all-new Swift this 2024? image

Speaking with a Suzuki executive during the reveal of the Jimny 5-Door last week, we asked them if the next-generation Swift will be making its way to the Philippines this year. According to the executive, plans to bring the new hatchback are still under discussion. When asked if this would mean that we could get the all-new Swift from India via Maruti, our insider told us that should plans for the all-new Swift get the green light, we would still get it from Thailand via the company’s Rayong plant.

Will Suzuki PH launch all-new Swift this 2024? image

Currently, Suzuki Thailand makes the Swift, the second-generation Celerio (PH market gets the third-gen model from Maruti), and the Ciaz. Today, only the Swift is imported from Thailand for the Philippine market. But with the introduction of the S-Presso and all-new Celerio, sales for the Swift have slowed down. In addition, the Swift is already due for a replacement.

As to when can we expect the all-new Swift to arrive here, we first have to check when will Suzuki Thailand launch and begin local production of the next-generation hatchback. With the 2024 Bangkok Motor Show set to happen in March, perhaps we might get our answer when the annual motor show opens to the public.

Will Suzuki PH launch all-new Swift this 2024? image

Do you think the next-generation Suzuki Swift will make sense here in the Philippines? And could we get the Swift with a mild-hybrid 1.2L three-cylinder under the hood like Japan and Europe? Let us know in the comments.