A couple of days ago, Nissan released a teaser video of the 'Z Proto'. While we already got to see its shape and parts of its exterior, what really got our attention was the fact that it looks like the next-generation Z will still come with a proper manual transmission.

We couldn't exactly see if it had a stick-shift due to the hand blocking the view. But based on the hand placement, it looks as if the driver will be the one changing gears on the Z Proto. Considering the 370Z is available with either a manual or automatic transmission, it would make sense for Nissan to offer it on the all-new Z.

Now, Nissan has officially confirmed that the next-generation will indeed come with a stick-shift. In a new teaser video, Nissan proudly showed the manual stick-shift placed on the center console. We also get to see a handbrake lever right beside the shifter console. In a world where electronic parking brakes are becoming the norm, it's nice to see Nissan sticking to traditional controls.

Back to the gearbox, it looks like the manual transmission will have a total of seven gears instead of six. This means that compared to the 370Z, the all-new Z could have one extra gear. There's also what appears to be a button on the right side that activates the auto-rev match feature on the Z Proto – which is also present on the 370Z.

We still don't get to see what's under the hood of the next-generation Z, but Nissan did allow us to hear the growl of what sounds like a six-cylinder engine under the hood. There are rumors going around that it will benefit from twin-turbocharging, but Nissan has yet to confirm or deny these claims.

Nissan confirms next-gen Z will indeed have a manual gearbox image

Finally, Nissan also showed a bit more of its exterior. The wheels appear to have been inspired by the GT-R's design, while the rear taillights appear to take on a rectangular design. Those familiar with the Z32 300ZX's taillights may find the new design rather similar. Perhaps Nissan wants to pay tribute to the past generations with a bit of retro-inspired design.

Other portions and details of the all-new Z remain a mystery. But with Nissan set to reveal the Z Proto on September 16, 2020, we won't have to wait long to see Nissan's latest sports car to make its official debut.