BMW PH confirms all-new M2 is available with a 6-speed manual transmission

It goes without saying that despite the manual gearbox becoming more and more of a niche offering to buyers, there are still those who swear by shifting their own gears, especially when it comes to performance cars like the 2024 BMW M2.

But when BMW distributor SMC Asia Cars Distributors Inc. revealed the next-generation M2 yesterday, we were surprised to see that there were no manual models on display. Heck, there was no mention of the 6-speed manual version on the brochures or spec list/sheet. This led us to believe that the M2 models bound for PH will only be available with an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

You can get a 2024 BMW M2 with a manual gearbox in PH but… image

However, SMC Asia Distributors Corp. president Spencer Yu announced during the launch that customers who prefer to row their own can actually order a 6-speed manual version of the all-new M2. That’s right, enthusiasts need not gather their torches or pitchforks as a proper stick shift is actually available to interested customers.

So why didn’t BMW mention the availability of a 6-speed manual for the 2024 M2 initially? Well, Yu shared that unlike the 8-speed automatic which is immediately available to buyers, the 6-speed version of the M2 is an indent order. The executive added that it will take around three months at best before the vehicle arrives in the country.

You can get a 2024 BMW M2 with a manual gearbox in PH but… image

We then asked if the manual would be cheaper or more expensive than the 8-speed automatic variants that are already here in the country. To our surprise, Yu said that the 6-speed manual transmission would not affect the pricing of the 2024 M2. You read right, the M2 Pure and M2 Carbon will still be priced at PHP 5.99 million and at PHP 8.89 million despite the gearbox difference.

If you’re the kind of BMW driver who still likes manually changing cogs with a third pedal, better visit your nearest (or preferred) BMW dealerships and let them know you want a manual version of the all-new M2.