It's no secret that Ford and Volkswagen are working together for their next-generation pick-up trucks. As mentioned before, the second-generation Amarok and redesigned Ranger will be out by 2022.  More so, these pick-ups will share the same architecture and most of the parts.

First out the gate to preview their pick-up is Volkswagen. The German automaker released a prototype render of the all-new Amarok. With that, we're also looking at the preview of the future Ranger.

Volkswagen first showed a concept sketch about a year ago. This new render shows a more production-ready version of the pick-up. That said, we're not expecting everything seen in the render to make it into the production model. It is likely we will see a toned-down version of the truck once it's launched next year. We might even see some of the Amarok's design elements on the Ford Ranger.

The front clip will be different between the Ranger and the Amarok. This was confirmed by both manufacturers, saying that their pick-ups will have distinct styling. At least we have the reassurance that these models won't just be rebadged versions of each other. However, the two might have the same hardpoints and share a few panels such as the roof, doors, and even bed dimensions. As for interiors, it isn't known if they will share door cards and dashboards. Also, the engine line-up is yet to be confirmed, but reliable sources say it's Ford who will supply engines for Volkswagen and not the other way around.

With Volkswagen starting the teaser campaign, they might show the production version by the first half of 2021. Roll-out will depend on Ford as they will handle the assembly of both pick-ups. The Ranger and the Amarok is the first model to be released under the new collaboration between the two automakers. Their next project will be a compact van based on the all-new Caddy.